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We are a landscape gardening company with more than 15 years experience in Kenya. We specialise in both hard and soft landscaping in the establishment of new gardens and the renovation of existing ones. We are available to give advice on the selection of the right grass and plants for your garden and the positioning of suitable trees.


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Our rockeries are constructed using natural river stones. In addition, we construct water features such as streams and fountains. If a garden is on sloping ground, land utilisation can be optimised by the creation of flat areas which can be connected by banks or retaining walls. Our paths/steps are also made of hand dressed stone. Free advice and quotations are available on request.


Garden layout on flat area
Garden layout on sloping ground


Institutional planting

Swimming pool with adjacent pergola
Terracing with retaining walls


Terracing with grassed banks
Water stream with paths and steps


Sports bowling green